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Good to hear you

Listen to Gail speak with Pauline Caballero on PIVOT Talks.

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On September 1, 2020, Nicholas Ramdeyall’s life was tragically cut short due to a bike accident. The Rise High Foundation was inspired and created in memory of Nicholas by his strong and inspirational mother, Gail Ramdeyall, who chats with PC on this episode in an emotional and moving conversation. PC and Gail dive deep into grief and what has worked for Gail such as allowing herself to sit in her feelings by utilizing patience. The strength and resilience shown by Gail come through as she shares that her commitment to this world through the Rise High Foundation and prudent life lessons are brought forth by Gail inspired by Nicholas that shows you the type of human being he was. Gail brings forth thought-provoking insight on how to shift purpose in life while PC shares moments in her life where Nicholas, also seen as her third son, was able to inspire her and make her proud. PC also touches on her mission for road safety. If you had the honour to meet Nicholas, you would remember him for so many amazing attributes including his compassion, empathy, and the joy he exuberated to everyone around him. He was a pivotal person in many people’s lives and his legacy will live on forever as he smiles over us in the heavens above realizing the massive impact he’s had & will continue to have.

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